THE HEARD (feat. members of CRUCIFIED BARBARA/DEATHSTARS) Classic Rock Videopremiere

//THE HEARD (feat. members of CRUCIFIED BARBARA/DEATHSTARS) Classic Rock Videopremiere

THE HEARD (feat. members of CRUCIFIED BARBARA/DEATHSTARS) Classic Rock Videopremiere

photo credit: Linda Pettersson & Klara Rönnqvist Fors

Album: The Island
VÖ: 02.11.2018
Label: Despotz Records/Cargo

Klara, Ida and Nicki von CRUCIFIED BARBARA haben sich mit Skinny Kangur von DEATHSTARS zusammengetan, um als THE HEARD ihre Vision von Doom, Hard Rock und Metal umzusetzen.

Hier die Videopremiere zu der THE HEARD Single "Tower of Silence"

Rolling Stone: "So entsteht eine dichte, aber durchaus eingängige Textur von schwermütiger Eleganz."

In the deep, dark waters of the Baltic Sea there is an island. A very peculiar island. At first glance it might seem beautiful and peaceful, idyllic even, but the island’s seductive powers are not all they seem.

The Heard’s debut album ‘The Island’ revolves around the characters and places on this mysterious island. "The Island" is a concept album where the listener becomes acquainted with an island that is located somewhere between dream and reality, a place with room for both the ordinary and the supernatural. An island filled with both love and sorrow, where vitality and death live side by side.

Although their roots are firmly embedded in hard rock, The Heard let their music grow wild,  and beyond genres. The result is a dynamic album that is not bound by either the heavy and hard, nor the soft and sheer.

– ”The Island” is a dream project! Me, Ida and Nicki have been playing music together since our teenage years. Our thoughts about exploring the song-writing has been growing for a while. It was incredible to meet Skinny and Pepper who immediately understood our vision. The Heard is very different musically compared to our previous work, and it’s been very exciting to write a concept album. It’s also been a pleasant escape from reality while making this album. We love our intriguing, supernatural island-world and hope our listeners will enjoy it as much as we do", Klara (Guitar, The Heard)

The Heard was formed when Klara, Ida and Nicki wanted to keep playing music after their previous band Crucified Barbara called it quits in 2016. Together with Skinny Kangur from Deathstars and the singer and burlesque artist Pepper Potemkin they form the new band.

Their first album ‚The Island‘ is released on Despotz records November 2 on CD, vinyl and all major digital/streaming outlets.

Pepper – Vocals
Klara – Guitar
Nicki – Drums
Ida – Bass
Skinny – Guitar