Album: Thundermother
VÖ: 23.02.2018
Label: Despotz Records/Cargo

Mit ihrem dritten Album gibt die allseits beliebte "all girl" Rock Band THUNDERMOTHER aus Schweden ihr Chartdebüt in Deutschland auf #86 in den offiziellen Top 100 Albumcharts.

Eine der besten Rock Platten die man dieses Jahr zu hören bekommen wird. Pure Energie, wilde Riffs und ein ordentlicher Groove direkt aus den 70ern.

Jetzt geht es auf Headliner Tour:

THUNDERMOTHER – Headliner Tour
15.05 Innsbruck – P.M.K
16.05. München – Backstage
17.05. Saarbrücken – Garage (Kleiner Klub)
19.05. Frankfurt – Das Bett
20.05. Gelsenkirchen –  Rock Hard Festival
20.05. Husum – Speicher
21.05. Hamburg –  Logo
22.05. Berlin –  Bi Nuu
23.05. Husby – Black Pearl Tattoo (VIP Acoustic Show)
24.05. Flensburg –  Kühlhaus


Bandquote: "This video is about a girl who takes matters in to her own hands. The shooting was intense because of the freezing cold, but we had so much fun and love the result. The song is a high energy ego boost meant to kick you in the ass when you’re feeling low. Don’t take shit from anyone and don’t let anyone decide for you!" //Thundermother


Rolling Stone: "…passioniert, tough und ganz ohne Ironie, das ist gelebte Emanzipation."

Deaf Forever 8.5/10: "…verdammt gute Rock’n’Roll Nummern."

Rocks 8/10: "…breitbeinig effektiv … prima Platte!"

Rock Hard Soundcheck Platz #6/44

Metal Hammer: "Der Mix aus groovenden AC/DC und schnellen Airbourne bestimmt immer noch das Klangbild, in dem vor allem die neue Frontfrau Guernica Mancini herausragt."

eclipsed: "…elektrifizierte Frauenpower pur, die ersten drei Songs Uptempo-Nummern, die auch auf ein frühes AC/DC-Album gepasst hätten…"

Classic Rock: "…straighter High-Adrenaline-Rock, der klingt, als hätten sich Musiker von AC/DC, Motörhead und Airbourne zusammen getan und Janis Joplin als Sängerin engagiert…"

Thundermother live beim Rock Hard Festival:

Thundermother live beim NIKOLAUT – Winterfestival
08.12.2018 Kulttempel

In the spring of 2017 Thundermother saw some drastic changes. Four members left, three new ones arrived. But the band’s center piece – guitarist and founder Filippa Nässil – stood steady by her vision. Around that vision the new line-up quickly gathered and every piece immediately fell into place. In June the new, upgraded version of Thundermother released “We Fight For Rock N Roll” – a single that was just as much of a statement as a taste of great deeds to come. After that they hit the road for a 20 dates long tour through Europe.

The highlight of the tour was the concert at Wacken. After touring with Michael Monroe, W.A.S.P, D-A-D, Danko Jones etc. and a sold-out European headline tour it was finally time for the band to conquer Wacken. Even though they they’ve only played together for a few months the show was a complete success for Thundermother’s new line-up.

– To play at Wacken has been my major goal since I started the band and now we stood there and performed in front of 10 000 people. It had rained throughout the festival, but suddenly it stopped and the sun started to shine at us, Filippa Nässil recalls and reveals that they were so satisfied with the show that the whole band got the Wacken logo tattooed before they rushed off to the next tour stop.

After a summer of successful touring Thundermother rehearsed intensively for a month, before it was time. Then they headed into the studio Nordic Soundlab in Skara. The flow was unbelievable. In just ten days they recorded 15 new tracks.

Everything – including vocals – was recorded live. And almost everything was wrapped in the first take. 13 of these 15 tracks became the bands third and self-titled album “Thundermother”.

Thundermother have never sounded this great. Together with three times Grammis awarded producer Thomas Plec Johansson (Mustasch, Hardcore Superstar, Watain etc.) Thundermother have maxed just about everything. Just listen to the Deep Purple-ish knockout punch “Rip Your Heart Out”, when singer Guernica Mancini throws lethal jabs over riffs that aren’t kneeling for no one and whipped drums, that can crush bones.

– We wanted a really fat drum sound on this album. If you listen to records with say AC/DC and Airbourne, you’ll hear that the drums are at a damn high volume. So, we put some serious time into getting a wicked drum sound, says Filippa Nässil.

– When Emlee hit the bass drum both she and the whole bloody house shook. It was such a great energy.

The rock history is stacked with giants who’ve unleashed their big power ballad on their third album. The same power ballad that later has led to their broader breakthroughs. Why shouldn’t Thundermother follow in these paths? On their third album, they release their first ballad ever – the upcoming single “Fire In The Rain”. But that isn’t the only time that Thundermother add a bit of new flavor to their failsafe recipe for success on this album. Put side-by-side with the other tracks “Hanging At My Door” – with its catchy hooks – sounds almost like a pop song in a Thundermother suit.

Thundermother may have left their musical comfort zone this time, but you’ll still recognize the band. It’s still the same great, high-octane, 70’s breathing rock’n’roll that the band has spoiled us with ever since their 2014’s debut album. It’s just that this time the groove is even groovier, the sound is even better and the songs cuts even deeper.

Thundermother 2.0 are here. And they’re better than ever!

Vocals: Guernica Mancini
Guitar: Filippa Nässil
Drums: Emlee Johansson
Bass: Sara Pettersson

”Combining the high voltage bursts of AC/DC and Motörhead with charismatic performances and looks that kill, Thundermother are one of Stockholm’s greatest export(s) since melodic death metal” – Revolver Magazine

”a damn good slice of classic, no nonsense, heads-down-see-you-up-the-front, play it loud rock ‘n’ muthafuckin’ roll” – PlanetMosh

Photo Credit: Owe Lingvall