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PROSPEKT – "The Illuminated Sky" VÖ: 21.07.2017

Band: PROSPEKT Album: The Illuminated Sky VÖ: 21.07.2017 Label: Sensory Records/Alive  

RPWL – "A New Dawn" VÖ: 14.07.2017

Band: RPWL Album: A New Dawn - CD/DVD/BluRay/Vinyl/ltd Box VÖ: 14.07.2017 Label: Gentle Art Of Music/Soulfood  

TEN – "Gothica" VÖ: 07.07.2017

Band: TEN Album: Gothica VÖ: 07.07.2017 Label: Frontiers Music/Soulfood  

RIVERDOGS – "California" VÖ: 07.07.2017

Band: RIVERDOGS Album: California VÖ: 07.07.2017 Label: Frontiers Music/Soulfood  

GRAHAM BONNET BAND – "Live… Here Comes the Night" VÖ: 07.07.2017

Band: GRAHAM BONNET BAND Album: Live... Here Comes the Night - CD/DVD + BluRay VÖ: 07.07.2017 Label: Frontiers Music/Soulfood  

ALL 4 1 – "World’s Best Hope" VÖ: 07.07.2017

Band: ALL 4 1 Album: World’s Best Hope VÖ: .2017 Label: Frontiers Music/Soulfood  

DISCIPLINE – "Captives Of The Wine Dark Sea" VÖ: 07.07.2017

Band: DISCIPLINE Album: Captives Of The Wine Dark Sea VÖ: 07.07.2017 Label: Laser's Edge/Alive  

MANILLA ROAD – "To Kill A King" VÖ: 30.06.2017

Band: MANILLA ROAD Album: To Kill A King VÖ: 30.06.2017 Label: Goldencore/ZYX Music  

VOLKER – "Dead Doll" VÖ: 23.06.2017

Band: VOLKER  Album: Dead Doll Vö: 23.06.2017 Label: Overpowered Records/Cargo  

OHRENFEINDT – "Zwei Fäuste für Rock’n’Roll" VÖ: 23.06.2017

Band: OHRENFEINDT Album: Zwei Fäuste für Rock’n’Roll VÖ: 23.06.2017 Label: AFM/Soulfood  

THUNDERMOTHER – "We Fight For Rock N Roll" VÖ: 12.06.2017

Band: THUNDERMOTHER Single: We Fight For Rock N Roll VÖ: 12.06.2017 Label: Despotz Records  

ANATHEMA – "The Optimist" VÖ: 09.06.2017

Band: ANATHEMA Album: The Optimist VÖ: 09.06.2017 Label: Kscope/Edel  

JORN – "Life on Death Road" VÖ: 02.06.2017

Band: JORN Album: Life on Death Road VÖ: 02.06.2017 Label: Frontiers Music/Soulfood  

RADIATION ROMEOS – "Radiation Romeos" VÖ: 02.06.2017

Band: RADIATION ROMEOS Album: Radiation Romeos VÖ: 02.06.2017 Label: Frontiers Music/Soulfood  

THE FERRYMEN – "The Ferrymen" VÖ: 02.06.2017

Band: THE FERRYMEN Album: The Ferrymen VÖ: 02.06.2017 Label: Frontiers Music/Soulfood  

SECRET SPHERE – "The Nature of Time" VÖ: 02.06.2017

Band: SECRET SPHERE Album: The Nature of Time VÖ: 02.06.2017 Label: Frontiers Music/Soulfood  

PRIMAL FEAR – "Angels of Mercy – Live in Germany" VÖ: 02.06.2017

Band: PRIMAL FEAR Album: Angels of Mercy – Live in Germany - CD/DVD, BluRay VÖ: 02.06.2017 Label: Frontiers Music/Soulfood  

DGM – "Passing Stages – Live in Milan and Atlanta" VÖ: 02.06.2017

Band: DGM Album: Passing Stages – Live in Milan and Atlanta" 2CD/DVD, BluRay VÖ: 02.06.2017 Label: Frontiers Music/Soulfood  

SIKTH – "The Future In Whose Eyes" VÖ: 02.06.2017

Band: SIKTH Album: The Future In Whose Eyes VÖ: 02.06.2017 Label: Millenium Records/Edel  

EZOO – "Feeding The Beast" VÖ: 02.06.2017

Band: EZOO Album: Feeding The Beast VÖ: 02.06.2017 Label: (Mollo/Bonnet) earMusic/Edel